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Renting a Stroller in Orlando

Renting a Stroller in Orlando, and Being Glad You Did

Before we dive into how to best rent a stroller in Orlando, we will review all the options available to consider which include renting and not renting a stroller. A family has several options as it relates to transporting their child around the theme parks in Orlando. Here are the options your family can consider:

  1. Bringing your Own Stroller
  2. Buying a Stroller While in Orlando
  3. Renting a Stroller at the Theme Parks.
  4. Renting a Stroller from a Stroller Rental Company

1. Bringing Your Own Stroller

The biggest advantage in bringing your own stroller, you and your child are familiar and comfortable with it already. However, traveling with a stroller can be difficult and cumbersome. It is hard enough traveling with multiple bags and kids. Adding more things to manage and carry only creates more hassle. Also, some airlines may charge more for bringing additional items on the plane such as bags, strollers, etc. See Wall Street Journal Article by Scott McCartney (@MiddleSeat), The Math Behind New Baggage Fee. We often hear of strollers getting mishandled and abused during transportation resulting in broken wheels and handles which only lead to renting a stroller anyway. See Travel + Leisure Article, Best and Worst Airlines for Lost Luggage. If you are going for the lowest cost vacation possible, this is a good option IF your airlines does not charge you extra and you have confidence they will transport your stroller without any problems. Although this can be the most cost effective option, it also means the most hassle for you and your family.

2. Buying a Stroller While in Orlando

We see many families purchasing strollers when they arrive in Orlando because they are not aware they can rent strollers. Buying a stroller for just a short period of time is not recommended. Many strollers get trashed at the airport as families have no way of disposing of the stroller after their vacation is over. Ironically, buying a cheap stroller which is only going to go in the trash cost just as much as renting a quality stroller.

3. Renting a Stroller at the Theme Parks

Convenience is the biggest advantage in renting a stroller at the them parks. However, there are many disadvantages with renting a stroller at the theme parks. First, you will pay a premium for the convenience. Second, you can’t use the stroller outside the theme parks. Once you leave a theme park, you must leave the stroller behind as well. Third, the fleet of strollers at the theme parks tend to be much older and not nearly as comfortable as a stroller an external stroller rental company like Amusement Park Rentals would provide. If you are going to one of the theme parks for just 1-day and you don’t have time to plan you vacation, this option might make the most sense.

4. Renting a Stroller from a Stroller Rental Company

There are several reputable Orlando-based stroller rental providers to consider, but the experience you get is not all the same. Renting strollers is a newer service that is available to families vacationing to Orlando, Florida. By renting a stroller it gives your family an opportunity to be more comfortable as you will most-likely do 7-8 miles per day at the theme parks. A good quality stroller can make a huge difference for how much your family enjoys its vacation. For a good quality stroller, you should expect to pay $65 for a single stroller or $80 for a double stroller on a 5-7 day rental. This is very reasonable considering it includes delivery and pickup directly from your hotel or vacation home.

Important questions to ask and consider:

  1. What brands and models of strollers do you rent?
  2. How are the strollers cleaned? What products are used to clean the strollers?
  3. Where can you read validated previous guest reviews?

Amusement Park Rentals’ Stroller Rentals

  • Amusement Park Rentals carries two brands, Babby Jogger and Joovy. Within these brands we carry the best products they make such as the Revolution SE and City Mini GT. Some stroller rental providers carry the City Mini line, but do not offer the GT version. The wheels on the GT version is a major improvement for no additional rental cost. Amusement Park Rentals carry these brands and lines because we feel they are the best for a theme park vacation experience.
  • Amusement Park Rentals uses child-friendly and eco-friendly cleaners.
  • Read Amusement Park Rentals Guest Reviews.

Important Notes:

  • Some companies make a big deal they are a “preferred provider,” but that classification does not necessarily translate to the best stroller rental experience.
  • Be aware sticker prices can be appealing, but misleading.

Stroller Rental Summary: 

The most important things to consider when renting a stroller is the quality, cleanliness, and the customer service you will receive. Quality means comfort, and comfort means pleasurable family experience.