Samsonite Suitcase for Orlando Florida

Samsonite Suitcase for Orlando Florida

Top 5 Essentials for Orlando Family Vacation

The top 5 essentials for an Orlando family vacation are things most families don’t consider during the vacation planning process. If you are in the process of planning your first family vacation to Orlando, Florida, and the theme parks, the following are the top 5 essential items that will help make your Orlando vacation more enjoyable and memorable.

I. Stroller Rental

orlando double stroller rental

The most essential item for most families to have during their Orlando family vacation is a good stroller.  A stroller rental is one of the best ways to navigate the theme parks with your child or children. Most families prefer using an outside company for stroller rentals verses the theme parks themselves for several reasons.

  1. 24/7 Accessibility – You can use the stroller anywhere and at anytime during your trip. You are not confined to only using your stroller rental at the theme parks.
  2. Most Cost Effective – It is more cost-effective to rent a stroller outside the theme parks verses at the theme parks unless you are just planning a day trip.
  3. Highest Quality – Strollers tend to be much better quality and cleaner when using outside stroller rental companies. For example, we use the latest products provided by companies like Britax and Baby Jogger.
  4. Most Comfortable – The most important part of renting a stroller is the level of comfort you and your child will have as most families conduct all day marathons at the theme parks. It is typical a family will walk 7-8 miles a day and umbrella strollers will not cut the mustard.


We had looked at renting a stroller for our visit, but opted against it. Big mistake, wouldn’t you know it our home double jogging stroller developed serious axel issues during the 2nd night of our trip. We called in around 8 am, and actually talked to a live person! About an hour later a driver met us at a park entrance. The double stroller worked wonderfully for our trip, and at the end of our last day we were met to have it picked up. The logistical consideration and customer service were outstanding. Considering the hassle it can be to fly with a large stroller and how much the parks charge to rent inferior products, I don’t think we’ll ever not use these guys again. I’d rate them higher if I could.

Renee W.

II. Customized Family T-Shirts


One of the most fun and safe things to do is get custom T-shirts made for your family. Custom T-shirts helps keep your family together when the theme parks get crowded. Perhaps add a family motto or slogan. Can’t think of anything? Check out Family Mottos on Pinterest. Use your Orlando vacation as an opportunity to create family unity. What better way to do with than with family t-shirts that showcase your family’s core values and style. Whether you traveling with a small family or hosting a large family reunion, customized family t-shirts are essential to your Orlando vacation experience.

Use one of the family t-shirt design templates readily available or customize your own shirt from scratch. It is your choice. The best part is to have your custom family t-shirts waiting for you when you arrive in Orlando.

III. Baby Equipment Rental


If you are traveling with a small child or infant, it is so important you keep your vacation environment as similar to your natural home environment. That is made possible by renting baby equipment such as full-size cribs, Graco high chairs, Evenflo Exersaucers, changing tables, rocking chairs, and more. Keep you and your baby feeling as comfortable as possible, as the days will be long traveling to and from the theme parks. Important Note: Most accommodations provide a pack-n-play and not a full-size crib. The sleeping experience is much different for the entire family when you have a full-size crib and not just a pack-n-play.


Baby slept great because she was used to the size and shape. Fit between both beds in the room.

– Donna C.

Perfect for vacation our infant slept as if she was in her own crib. I would rent again.

– Krista A.

IV. Electric Mobility Scooter Rental

orlando mobility scooter rental

Grandparents are always concerned they might slow their family down during their Orlando vacation at the theme parks. Mobility electric scooters have revolutionized the theme park experience for the entire family. Not only will grandma and grandpa have mobility, but they will also be stylish and blow right past the rest of the family in their Pride Mobility electric scooter. These scooters can be used at all theme parks including Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, SeaWorld, and Legoland. In addition, all the Disney transportation will accommodate electric scooters.  The best part, the scooter will be delivered and picked-up directly from your hotel in the Orlando area. For more information on how to rent an electric mobility scooter in Orlando see the article How to Rent an Electric Scooter for the Theme Parks.

V. Good Travel Gear

orlando suitcases

Traveling with a family can be hectic and hard to stay organized. Using good luggage can take a lot of pain and problems out of the equation. The Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside Luggage with Spinner Wheels is one of the best luggage sets available on the market.


The top 5 essentials for your Orlando family vacation cover the full lifecycle of a family. Your family may need one, several or all of these items. These items are often easily overlooked in the family vacation planning process, but now at least your family will be prepared. These essential items are unique to vacationing in Orlando and will help ensure your family has a pleasurable experience while you visit the parks such as Disney’s Magic Kingdom.