Review Starbucks in Downtown Disney

Downtown Disney Starbucks Review

The Downtown Disney Starbucks is the first company-owned Starbucks, and is one of the most well designed Starbucks as well. This uniquely designed and eco-friendly Starbucks has a warm and inviting atmosphere for vacationers to enjoy while making a pitstop for a snack or drink. This coffee shop also offers its guests plenty of space to lounge since a family on vacation almost always in need of a break after walking around all the local attractions and shops in Downtown Disney. The best thing about this Starbucks location is the waterfront view of the lake. Guests can take advantage of the nice Orlando weather while they enjoy a cup of joe or tea. This store is easy to locate as it resides adjacent from the Harley Davidson Store and next to Bongos Cuban Cafe.

This 4,000 square feet store designed by Senior Designer David Daniels (@DavidDaniels) and two major brands, Starbucks and Disney, is worth the visit if you are already in Downtown Disney (@WDWDowntown).



Pros & Cons:


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Inviting and warm environment for family and friends to enjoy together
  • Easy to find when in Downtown Disney West Side


  • Not easy to visit unless you are already in Downtown Disney West Side