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Disney thru the Eyes of a Photographer

I’ve always loved taking photos which ultimately led to becoming a photographer almost 10 years ago. I loved taking portraits of children and families. But, my real love is taking photos in the outdoors. My favorite place to take photos of course is at Disney. Now, I go to the parks not only as a vacationer, but as a photographer so I’m always in pro photographer mode. The following are some answer to frequent questions I receive from others looking to take good photos at the Disney parks.

Q: What is so special about taking photos at the Disney Theme Parks?
A: With all the different themes throughout the parks you see such a variety of architecture all in one location. No need to travel the world to see buildings in china and castles in England. You have it all at Walt Disney World.

Q: What are some tips you would like to give other photographers going to Disney? 
I take both of my DSLR cameras as well as an assortment if lens. The camera equipment I bring is not what a typical and casual vacationer would take with them to the parks. I often will use my zoom lens then switch off to a wide angle lens while photographing the same building or setting in the Disney parks. With the Florida bright sun,  a filter is a must to get those beautiful blue skies not look flooded by the sun light. Also, I recommend placing your camera on manual. This will give you have more control over your lighting and get the results you want to achieve.

While most phones now take great pictures, a good digital camera is really a plus. Get to know your camera. If you only feel comfortable using it on auto then do so. That way you don’t miss those once in a lifetime shots of your kids with Mickey. But, I recommend playing around more with your camera so you can learn how to use it in manual mode before your Orlando vacation. This is all part of the fun and experience of going to Walt Disney World.

Q: What is your top 3 favorite spots to take a picture at Disney? 
A: I love all the places that all tourists seem to photograph – Cinderella’s Castle, the tree at Animal Kingdom, the hat at Hollywood Studios, and of course the “golf ball”, as our kids call it, at Epcot. I like to do different angles of the castle and the tower of terror at sunset. One of my favorite shots is of Expedition Everest from the bridge at a distance.

Q: What is something you are looking forward to taking pictures of during your next Disney trip?
The next time I attend the Disney parks, I plan to take some days to do nothing but take photos.  I plan to take lots more photos of the unique architecture, the manicured grounds, the plant and animal life, and of course the traditional places like the castle.


So if you ever see someone with a camera photographing something that you think might just be strange, then maybe, just maybe, it might be me!

Photography at Disney Castle - Debbie Qualls Photography at Disney Everest Debbie Qualls

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