orlando florida outlet stores

Shopping at Orlando Outlet Stores

The Orlando outlet stores are notorious for being some of the most popular places to shop when visiting Orlando. Several options exist including: Orlando Premium Outlets – Vineland Ave.Orlando Premium Outlets – International Dr., and the Outlet Marketplace. Simon has revitalized the outlet mall experience in Orlando, and continues to expand its footprint by continuing to add more stores to its outlet malls.

In the past, the outlet stores primarily offered major discounts on the previous season’s clothing, jewelry, shoes, etc. to the domestic consumer. Today, the outlet stores are positioned very differently as they mostly attract international consumers by carrying name brand items that are not as easily accessible and more expensive in other countries. For the domestic consumer, the outlet stores in Orlando are no longer a place for big cost savings. In many cases, the prices you can find at a retail store or online is pretty much the same pricing you will find at the outlet stores for the same or like-kind products. In addition, stores with a national presence such as Marshalls and Bealls Outlet offer the domestic consumer a local option for “outlet pricing”.

Discounts still exist at the outlet stores for the domestic consumer, just not as easily found like the past. “Outlet Malls” do not automatically mean major discounts anymore to the domestic consumer. Outlet malls will continue to experience strong growth and demand from the international consumer, but pressure will continue to build to win domestic consumers as goods such as clothing continues to get more competitively priced. For the domestic consumer, it will be hard to differentiate between a retail store and outlet store since the introduction of the online store has become such commonplace.

Pros & Cons:


  • Primarily geared towards serving the international visitor and consumer.
  • Sometimes can find unique and useful items not sold elsewhere.


  • No longer as attractive to the domestic consumer.
  • Parking can be very challenging at the outlet malls.
  • Products are usually not the latest and greatest in fashion and style.