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How to Rent an Electric Scooter for the Theme Parks

Believe it or not, there are several options to choose from when it comes to renting an electric scooter for your Orlando vacation and the theme parks. Mobility is a major issue as most theme park attenders travel an average of 7-8 miles a day on foot when visiting the various attractions. In order to choose the right electric scooter rental, there are a couple of important questions that need to be answered.

Pride Portable Electric GoGo Scooter Rental Orlando
Pride GoGo Elite+ 3-Wheel
Pride portable 4-wheel electric scooter for rent
Pride portable 4-wheel electric scooter for rent
Pride Victory 10 electric scooter for rent Orlando
Pride Victory 10 Scooter

How many days will you be using the electric scooter?

The number of days helps to determine how to go about renting an electric scooter. Usually, the more days you rent a scooter, the less per day cost it will be. So you are always better off renting an electric scooter for a longer period of time if your travel plans permit. Some scooter rental companies charge a flat daily rate, but flat rates don’t reward you if you are like most families on vacation that spend an average of 5-7 days in Orlando.

Should you have your electric scooter delivered to your hotel or resort?

Yes. Several electric scooter rental providers will offer better pricing if you pickup the scooter from their physical store location. However, this process can be very time consuming and a major hassle, especially when you are on vacation and not familiar with the area. In most cases, it is not worth the cost savings to pick-up your scooter rental at a physical store location when you can have it delivered and picked-up directly at your hotel or resort for a very reasonable price. Amusement Park Rentals offers both in-store pickup and complementary delivery services as most of our guests use our complementary delivery service option.

What type of transportation will you be using while in Orlando?

Rental Car If you rent or have a small compact or mid-size car, you will be limited to what size scooter you can rent. Scooters can be broken down to fit inside smaller vehicles. For example, the 3-Wheel GoGo Scooter is designed for portability and is best when renting an economy size car. Of course, SUVs and minivans are more electric scooter friendly and give you more options to choose from. Therefore, you many want to consider renting a larger vehicle like an SUV or minivan to feel more comfortable.

Road Tripping If you drove to Orlando and the theme parks, you may want to consider renting an electric scooter trailer and carrier for your car to increase capacity for you and your family. Important Note: An electric scooter carrier requires you to have a class 3 or 4 tow hitch and at least 11″ of clearance from the ground to the center of your hitch.

Disney Transportation Most Disney transportation such as the monorail, boats, and buses are able to transport all electric scooters Amusement Park Rentals offers. Disney hotels offer transportation to the theme parks such as Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, etc. Arthur from WDW Focus provides a great subway style unofficial transportation map for Disney.

Hotel & Resort Transportation If you are planning on using transportation offered by your hotel or resort, please check with your hotel about transporting your scooter. Most hotels and resorts that provide transportation around Orlando and to the theme parks do accommodate for electric scooters.

Why not just rent scooters offered by the Theme Parks?

There are five great reasons why you may not want to rent your electric scooter directly from the theme parks.

  • First, on many occasions the theme parks do run out of electric scooters. You don’t want to be at a theme park, and have no way of getting around once you are in the park.
  • Second, by renting a mobility scooter from an electric scooter rental provider like Amusement Park Rentals, you can use your scooter everywhere you go during your vacation, both inside and outside the theme parks.
  • Third, a significant cost savings occurs especially when you rent a scooter for 2+ days.
  • Fourth, instead of spending your vacation time waiting on lines to check-out and check-in scooter rentals each day, you are spending your time enjoying your family and experiencing the things you came to see and do.
  • Fifth, the scooter offered that Amusement Park Rentals provides are the latest and greatest products in the market.

What type of electric scooter should I rent?

Amusement Park Rentals is a Pride dealer because we believe Pride scooters are the best in the market. Pride scooters are especially useful for theme park mobility in Orlando. Therefore, we highly recommend renting Pride electric scooter products. As mentioned above, transportation does play a major factor in deciding which electric scooter to rent. Another major factor is weight capacity. We take the factory’s max capacity and reduce that by at least 5% so that the performance of the scooter will not disappoint the user. If necessary, an electric scooter can be rented at the max capacity, but it is not recommended. If transportation is not an issue and you don’t mind spending a few more dollars, the Pride Victory 10 is the best theme park scooter as it is it the most durable, comfortable, and has the longest battery life. The GoGo Elite scooters are great for making portability a little easier and are great options as well. See the following chart to review some import specs about the scooter Amusement Park Rentals rents.

Pride Scooter Technical Specs

  GoGo Elite+ GoGo Elite+ 4-Wheels Victory 10
Size 40″L x 21″W 40.5″L x 21″W 45.25″L x 22.25″W
Total Weight 112 lbs 114.5 lbs 180.5 lbs
Weight Capacity 300 lbs 300 lbs 400 lbs
APR Weight Recommendation Up to 200 lbs Up to 225 lbs Up to to 375 lbs
Battery Life 12.4 miles 13.3 miles 15.5 miles
Seat Width 17″ x 17″ 17″ x 17″ 18″ x 17″
Breakdown (# of Pieces) 4 pieces 4 pieces 5 pieces
Breakdown (weight of heaviest piece) 32.5 lbs 35 lbs 54.5 lbs

Scooter Battery Life: All Amusement Park Rental scooters will last the entire day under “normal usage” as long as the electric scooter renter chargers it at night in the hotel when returning from the Theme Parks and daily activities. Especially with smaller scooters, a person’s weight will effect the battery life so always bring the charger with you to the theme parks. Also, all Amusement Park Rental scooters are fully charged before initial delivery.

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